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SIMCOM Aviation Training provides professional simulator training for a wide range of piston engine, turboprop, and business jet aircraft in our simulators.
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Aviation Training Customer Testimonials

What Others Have to Say About SIMCOM Training. Our customers demand the most out of their flight training and SIMCOM delivers. It's no wonder that our best source of new business is from customer referrals. Take a look for yourself.

Latest Testimonials

Comments From a Number of Our Customers

... We chose SIMCOM because they were as thorough or more thorough than the other centers but could also individualize the training for exactly what my needs were. 

Aircraft owners and corporate pilots discuss the SIMCOM difference. You will hear why they choose to do their simulator training at SIMCOM. You will hear such reasons as their instructors having actual flight experience in the aircraft they teach, the fact that SIMCOM's instructors establish long standing relationships with their customers that extend beyond the training event and how SIMCOM's instructors work hard to help pilots overcome weaknesses and gain confidence to overcome virtually any issue that might arise in-flight.

Max Nerheim - Cessna 421C Owner/Pilot

... Knowing what to do and when to do it -- that's the value of simulator training.

"I lost the left engine during cruise climb. Secured the engine, feathered the propeller and landed uneventfully in Flagstaff. Sounds routine, but only because my SIMCOM instructor had insisted on drilling and repeating this exact scenario in SIMCOM's Twin Cessna simulator. Every time we go flying, my passengers and my family trust my skills and proficiency. I earn that trust with regularly scheduled visits for simulator training at SIMCOM."

Robie Elliott - Cessna 421C Pilot

... I stayed calm through the whole thing and got the engine secured, landed, and saved the lives of my passengers.

"It wasn't like this had happened and it was all new to me and I had never done this before. I had done this in the simulator at SIMCOM enough to where I stayed calm through the whole thing and got the engine secured, landed, and saved the lives of my passengers."

Dr. Alfred Tria - King Air Owner/Pilot

... I’m alive today and so is my family because of the training I received at SIMCOM.

"I had seconds to react to regain control after I experienced an electric pitch trim runaway at low altitude. Because I had practiced this scenario in the simulator at SIMCOM, I knew what to do. With my daughter helping with control forces from the right seat, we quickly stabilized the condition and landed. Practicing in the simulator what you can’t in the actual airplane is the life-saving value of turboprop training at SIMCOM. It’s what saved us that day."

Mike Kennedy - LearJet Corporate Pilot

... What could have been a very difficult situation was not an issue at all.

"I was departing LAX and shortly after takeoff, I lost all hydraulic pressure. It could have been a bad situation, but ended up not being an issue at all. We had practiced that exact scenario several times in the simulator. Thanks to SIMCOM, it really wasn’t a problem."

Gavin Gravois - Piper Navajo Corporate Pilot

... I’m alive today and so are my passengers because of the training I received at SIMCOM.

“Got the prop feathered, the engine secured, the fire extinguished and completed a successful instrument approach back to the airport. We had practiced this exact scenario during my most recent piston-twin training at SIMCOM. No way I would have been properly prepared for this if I had trained in the actual airplane instead of the simulator at SIMCOM.”

Earle Martin - Mitsubishi MU-2 Professional Pilot

...High performance airplanes like the MU-2 demand high performance training. That's why I'm a regular at SIMCOM.

"The MU-2 is a great airplane but requires you to be on the top of your game to fly it correctly. When I experienced an actual in-flight engine failure, the outcome was successful because I was prepared. Many times I had practiced this exact scenario in SIMCOM’s MU-2 simulators. As a result, I felt I had “been there and done that” when it really happened. Because of my confidence and proficiency, the resulting single-engine approach and landing were a non-event."

Paul Neuland - Citation 501SP Corporate Pilot

... What could have been a total disaster turned out to be just an inconvenience.

“An in-flight thrust reverser deployment indication can ruin your day. When it happened to me, I was ready. Having studied this exact fault in both the classroom and the simulator I was able to interrupt the event and proceed to an alternate airport. After landing we discovered the fault was real. My training at SIMCOM helped prepare me for such an event.”