Simcom Aviation Training
SIMCOM Aviation Training provides professional simulator training for a wide range of piston engine, turboprop, and business jet aircraft in our simulators.
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About SIMCOM Aviation Training

Who We Are. The Best Value in Simulator Training.
From our training centers located in Orlando, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona, SIMCOM offers business and general aviation pilots the best quality simulator training at the best prices in the industry.

Personalized training for Jet, Turboprop and Piston aircraft.
No more big classes with the same scripted information every time. Classes at SIMCOM have a maximum of two pilots, and the information presented is driven by your particular interests and needs. Your classroom instructor also handles your simulator sessions, so there is consistency to your training.

We use advanced simulators for training.
Our Jet, Turboprop and Piston simulators will feel as familiar to you as your own aircraft because they are crafted from actual fuselage sections and original components. Cockpits are configured identical to your aircraft, resulting in a specific training experience patterned after your exact aircraft. Our advanced, wide-screen visual system technology is especially effective for simulating different airport environments and performing circling approaches. The cost-effectiveness of the SIMCOM technology means better value for our customers compared to other simulation training environments.

Business Jet Training.
The SIMCOM Business Jet division offers jet training programs at our Orlando, Florida and Scottsdale Training Centers that combines advanced motion simulation technology with the latest computer animation.
Current programs include the Eclipse, CJ Series, Learjet, Citation 500/550, Citation Ultra, Hawker, Beechjet, Dornier 328 Jet, Falcon 20 and Westwind I/II.

Insurance company approval.
All our courses have the approval of the major insurance companies.

VA approval.
Our Orlando Business Jet training programs are approved by the Veterans Administration.

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SIMCOM Locations
Training center locations include Orlando, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona. These locations offer highly desirable environments for year round enjoyment during the training experience.
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SIMCOM Simulators
SIMCOM now operates 57 advanced simulators. These simulators include the most advanced full-motion FAA level D approved devices and visual-motion simulators.
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SIMCOM Careers
SIMCOM is constantly looking for quality individuals who share a passion for teaching and helping others remain safe and competent pilots.
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Press Releases & Photos
This section includes recent press releases of interest about SIMCOM. It also includes an extensive selection of photography detailing the most recent classroom, simulator, and facility images.
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SIMCOM is constantly striving to share its knowledge and experience with pilots. This section includes recent articles of interest from various aviation trade magazines and publications.
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