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SIMCOM Aviation Training provides professional simulator training for a wide range of piston engine, turboprop, and business jet aircraft in our simulators.
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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

SIMCOM Now Offering Upset Recovery Training for Piston and Turboprop Pilots!

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SIMCOM Aviation Training has partnered with Patty Wagstaff Aviation Safety, LLC to provide Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRTA). The UPRTA training will give pilots the skills needed to handle any upset situation that presents itself. It will instill more confidence and will help pilots gain more enjoyment from their flying. The course consists of a combination of ground school and in-aircraft training in an Extra 300L. The training is completed in 1 day (4 hours of ground school and 2 flights / 1 hour each) at Odyssey Aviation at the Kissimmee Airport in Florida.

General Operational Subjects include training in the following areas:

  • Causes of Loss of Control in Flight (LOC-1)
  • Upset Preventionplane
  • Upset Recovery Techniques
  • High Altitude Operations
  • Swept Wing Fundamentals
  • LOC-1 Accident Review

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Contact a SIMCOM training representative at 1-800-272-0211 for pricing and availability.

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